The Law Office of Jeff Green offers Streator, IL, a record of excellence in legal counsel and representation for personal injury cases. If you live in Streator and believe you are a victim of negligence, we can advise you on what you should understand and how you can proceed according to personal injury law.

In the event your claim is actionable, we will protect your rights, retain the proper witnesses and work to ensure you receive medical treatment. We will also remove the great burden of having to deal with the opposing insurance companies.

We have a record of winning and will aggressively protect your rights. Find out why so many others injured by neglectful actions of others in Peoria come to us for help.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case involves multiple factors. Past proven results are an important predictor of potential success in a case. You also want a personal injury attorney with compassion for your struggles and toughness against the defendant.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you as a client from Streator. We will listen closely to your claim, and you will not be charged for initial consultations. You will also never pay a fee unless your case is won. To discuss the circumstances of your personal injury case, contact our office today.


Whether caused by an accident, a defective product or simple carelessness, personal injury cases start well before litigation and suit are filed. They can also be full of pitfalls for those who do not handle them regularly.

A personal injury case should be approached as if it will have to be decided before a judge or jury. That requires an experienced trial attorney who knows the process and does not fear to file suit and take it to trial.

There are no fees unless we win your case.

As dedicated counsel and representation for Streator, The Law Office of Jeff Green ensures that an injured person’s rights are protected. In addition to educating you about your rights and the legal process, we will fight for full compensation for your medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering.


Our experience with personal injury cases includes lawsuits involving car wrecks. If you or someone close to you in Streator has been affected by an accident, we will assess your claim and determine whether you are a victim of negligence.

We will help define the cause of the accident and who should be held accountable. We will also measure the accident’s financial impact on you so you can take action toward reimbursements to which you’re entitled. We pursue justice aggressively in these cases.

Our firm is equally driven in prosecuting trucking accidents that result from negligence. Because of their size and nature, these accidents are often complicated and devastating in causing personal injury. Federal regulations and large trucking companies’ litigation strategies can also make assessing liability very complex.

In serving Streator accident victims, we examine legal relationships among truck drivers, trucking companies and insurance carriers. We review driver and shipping logs, vehicle maintenance records and drivers’ drug tests as well.

Contact our office to begin your free consultation concerning a car or trucking accident.