Why are women seeking the help of a Paragard IUD lawyer? Can a Paragard IUD lawsuit benefit you?

Paragard IUD is an effective long-term birth control device with such a large volume of sales that in 2017, when the original manufacturer, Cooper Companies, sold the product to Teva Pharmaceuticals, the purchase price was $1.1 billion.  While the device is used by a large number of women, when the time comes to remove it, there can be serious side effects. 

Paragard works by continuously releasing copper into the uterus to help prevent fertilization. It has copper wire coiled around the stem and two copper sleeves along the arms to effectively prevent pregnancies. When a woman has the device removed is when serious complications can happen.

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Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs) are placed in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. IUDs have become popular in recent years as an alternative to the birth control pill and other forms of birth control. They generally last for long periods of time, with the Paragard IUD boasting that it can stay in place for up to 10 years. Though the devices are popular, they are not without risk. There are several variations made by multiple manufacturers, and injuries caused by some of those devices, like the Mirena IUD, have led to lawsuits.


Generally, the removal of an IUD takes a quick trip to the Gynecologist’s office, but many women who had the Paragard IUD experienced issues with the IUD breaking (or fracturing) during removal. Paragard IUD removal generally entails the doctor pulling the string attached to the IUD. When the device fractures in removal, the pieces that remain in a person’s body may require surgery. In the time before surgery, the fragment of the Paragard IUD can move and/or perforate the uterus. The experience can be painful and terrifying.

Women bringing lawsuits against Teva Pharmaceuticals claim they weren’t fully warned about the side effects related to breakage of the strings. They seek compensation in their Paragard lawsuit for the medical treatment and suffering they experienced as a result of their injuries.


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Our team will aggressively fight to get you the full compensation you deserve. The damages you can receive can cover not only your medical expenses associated with any surgery and other treatments you had for your injuries, but also lost income. You can also receive “non-economic damages” which are payment for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your injuries from the Paragard IUD.

You work on healing to overcome your injury and we’ll work on the details of your Paragard lawsuit.  If you or someone know has had an issue with the removal of their Paragard copper IUD, please contact contact our office to discuss what you should understand and how you can proceed.

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