The Law Office of Jeff Green provides dedicated and aggressive legal representation for victims of personal injury accidents. My team of experts and I commit 100% of our professional time to helping people recover from their losses or injuries. We want to help you or your family pull the pieces of your life back together again.

If you choose my office to represent you, I personally will be your attorney. Your case will not be delegated to an associate.
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You have many factors to consider in selecting the personal injury lawyer that’s best for you in central Illinois. Your greatest indicator of potential success in a case lies in past proven results. See Our Success @ Trial

If you have a claim and live in central Illinois, we will protect your rights, retain the proper witnesses and work to ensure you receive medical treatment. We will also remove the burden of dealing with the opposing insurance companies.

Above all, we will hold the defendant accountable for negligent conduct that harms you or your family.

Contact our office today to share what’s on your mind. I will evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of your available options.

My motivation is you

Aggressive. Credentialed. Results.

I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in the East Bluff of Peoria, Illinois. To this day, I remember my father and neighbors going off to the United Auto Workers picket line to fight for health care for their families and fair wages from their employers.

I have never forgotten where I came from or why I do what I do. My motivation is you, the personal injury client who needs comfort and strength from an advocate who cares.

Jeff Green

Personal Injury Attorney
If you’ve been affected by injury or death caused by negligence, I am here to help you through your struggles and secure justice.