Do I call my insurance if it's not my fault? is what a driver in this accident may be asking

Do I Call My Insurance if It’s Not My Fault?

If you are in a crash and know the other driver caused it, you may want to call your insurance company, but then pause to think, “do I call my insurance if it’s not my fault?”  You may worry about your insurance premium. Car accidents are nerve-wracking events. Your thoughts may be scattered, and you’re likely wondering what you’re supposed to do next. Though you probably know that you should immediately call 911 and gather the insurance information of the other driver, you might be wondering whether you are still obligated to contact an insurance company even if the other driver was to blame for the crash.

Do I Call My Insurance If It’s Not My Fault?

The answer is yes. One of the first calls you make after a car accident is to your insurance company. Your insurance company is best thought of as your ally, and you should not only contact them immediately after a crash, but you should also comply with them to the best of your ability.

There is one scenario in which you might come to a disagreement with your insurance company: If your insurer offers you payment that doesn’t meet your needs, you are not obligated to accept their offer. In these situations, you’ll be best served by having an attorney handle your claim and letting them deal with insurers.

What If You Are Contacted by Another Driver’s Insurance Company?

When you’re injured by another driver and the accident was their fault, you might be wondering what your interactions with that driver’s insurance company will entail. You should not talk to another driver’s insurance company. It is very possible that they will contact you, and if they do, they’ll probably ask you to give them a statement about the crash.

Unfortunately, another driver’s insurance company will want to use your words against you to lessen the payment they will offer you. They might even try to shift the blame off of their policyholder onto you. If you are contacted by the representative of any insurance company that is not your own, refer them to your attorney and say nothing else.

When Does an Attorney Come into Play If the Accident Is Not My Fault?

Along with a call to your own insurance company, you should also call your attorney soon after the crash. Your attorney will be your advocate throughout the process, making sure you are treated fairly and getting the compensation you are entitled to. There is a time limit on how long you have to take legal action after being injured in a car accident. That statute of limitations is two years from the time of your injury, but it’s best not to wait any longer than necessary to begin the process.

In an ideal world, the at-fault party’s insurance company would pay the costs of your crash without any pushback. In reality, they might employ any number of tactics to lessen or deny the money that is due. When you work with an attorney, you’ll have an advocate to make your case on your behalf.

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