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Zimmer Persona Implant Case Attorney Springfield, IL

Zimmer Persona Implant Case Attorney Springfield, IL

Those who live in Springfield and suffer from complications caused by a knee implant have access to dedicated legal counsel. The Law Office of Jeff Green represents patients who have experienced adverse effects arising from a knee replacement implant, including Zimmer Persona implants.

Zimmer Persona knee replacement implants were approved by the FDA in 2012 and introduced to the market soon after the recall of Zimmer’s former implant, the Zimmer Next Gen knee replacement system. In March 2015, the FDA recalled the Zimmer Persona devices because thousands of them had revealed loosening components.

Potential complications from the Zimmer Persona implants appear on scans as radiolucent lines, or spaces between the implant cement and the bone. These lines suggest the implant may be loosening. Premature loosening has caused both pain and device instability and failure in patients. A defective device can also result in premature revision surgery and painful post-surgical rehab.

Springfield patients who have a claim involving a Zimmer Persona knee implant can contact our office at (309) 699-0111 or to further discuss their concern. Your case matters to us. We will listen to you closely and help you with your options according to the process of law.

Lawyer for Springfield, IL, Personal Injury Including Zimmer Persona Implants

As a personal injury law firm, we ensure victims of negligence or harmful conduct can respond in a just way under the law. Beyond representing Springfield clients in claims involving Zimmer Persona implants, The Law Office of Jeff Green provides legal counsel for cases originating from:

  • Wrongful death
  • Car accidents
  • Personal injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Complications from Xarelto
  • Trucking / commercial vehicle accidents
  • Premises liability / slip and fall
  • Nursing home liability
  • Sexual assault
  • Trinity highway guardrail incidents

Whether because of a car accident, a defective product or simple carelessness, personal injury cases start well before litigation and suit are filed, often when the injured person is still seeking medical advice and attention.

Each personal injury case in Springfield should be approached as if it will have to be decided by a trial before a judge or jury. That requires a seasoned trial attorney who knows the process and does not fear to file suit and take it to trial.

We will fight for you in holding the guilty accountable and recovering any damages to which you are entitled. If you have a personal injury claim, including one that involves a Zimmer Persona knee implant, we will listen to you and advise you of your options.

You will not be charged for initial consultations, and you will never pay a fee unless your case is won. Contact us (309) 699-0111 to begin your consultation.

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