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Proven Results in Personal Injury Cases

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Charlie Geiman v. C.R. England

Charlie Geiman, a truck driver, was injured in a one-vehicle semi-truck rollover accident while training a student driver. He suffered brain injury and pulmonary injuries.

The defendant, C.R. England, which operates more than 3,500 semi trucks throughout North America and Mexico, denied they were liable. Rather, they claimed Charlie was at fault for failing to supervise the student.

Multiple witnesses were deposed in Peoria, Chicago, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Austin, Texas. These witnesses included medical, economic and life-care experts on behalf of each of the parties.

One week before trial, the parties settled for $2 million. At the time, it was the largest recorded motor vehicle–accident settlement in Peoria County history. It was also reported in the July 2008 Chicago Lawyer magazine and published in the Jury Verdict Reporter.

Billie Richards v. Sharpnack and Laramie Gardens

Billie Richards, 49, was killed as a result of Sharpnack, who, while under the influence of alcohol, drove a semi-tractor into a tavern where Billie was a patron.

Billie left behind four adult children, who sued on behalf of his estate. Defense lawyers contended on behalf of Diamond State Insurance Company, Sharpnack's insurer, that his policy did not cover the circumstances, and even if it did, damages were minimal since Billie never lived with any of his children while they were growing up.

The defendant and Diamond State Insurance Company refused to make an offer before trial. After hearing evidence for several days, the Peoria County jury awarded Billie's estate and his adult children $1.6 million.

After the award, Diamond State, on behalf of Sharpnack, appealed the verdict to the 3rd District Appellate Court in Ottawa, IL. Diamond State still claimed their insurance policy did not cover the accident and they owed the family nothing.

Over a year and a half later, the appellate court handed down its decision. It ordered Diamond State to pay the Richards family for the verdict at trial as well as an additional $150,000 in interest.

Tyriq Williams v. Theodoric Horne

Tyriq Williams was partially paralyzed by a drunk driver, Theodoric Horne, who struck the vehicle Tyriq Williams was riding in while Horne was fleeing from police.

After a two-day trial, Tyriq was awarded $11.2 million in damages. It remains the largest judgment against an at-fault driver in Peoria County history.

Nadia Trent, Amanda Kelley and Caisha Gayles v. Galesburg School District 205

In May 2007, Galesburg School District 205 refused to give diplomas to five minority students, citing that their families and friends violated a "conduct policy" while attending the high school graduation ceremony.

The school district claimed the five students' supporters were too loud, disruptive and "out of control" when cheering while the students walked across the stage.

Beyond being denied their diplomas, the students were prevented from attending a post-graduation party.

The students argued they were unfairly targeted because of their race. They and their parents explained that audience members had also cheered and clapped for white graduates, including athletes and cheerleaders, but none of those students were punished.

They tried for two weeks without an attorney to get the high school to give them their diplomas.

Peoria attorney Jeff Green volunteered to represent the girls' case at no cost, saying, "To me, it seems inherently wrong to take something away from a kid for something they worked four years for and are being denied because people cheered for four seconds."

Within 24 hours of the students' representation by attorney Green, the school district relented and awarded the students their diplomas. The story was also reported in both local and national media.

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