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Attorney for Zimmer Persona Knee Implant Recalls in Central Illinois

In March 2015 the FDA issued a recall of Zimmer Persona knee replacement implants because of loosening components in more than 11,000 devices. This followed a notice sent by Zimmer to all involved surgeons, hospitals and distributors in February 2015.

Approved by the FDA in 2012, the Zimmer Persona implants were designed and marketed as modular implants, meaning they would conform to a patient’s knee bones and personalized function. They were introduced to the market soon after the recall of Zimmer’s former implant, the Zimmer Next Gen knee replacement system.

Potential Zimmer Persona implant complications appear on knee-assessment scans as radiolucent lines, or spaces between the implant cement and the bone. These lines suggest the implant may be loosening. Premature loosening has caused both pain and device instability and failure in patients. A defective device can also result in premature revision surgery and painful post-surgical rehab.

The Law Office of Jeff Green offers experience, knowledge and dedicated representation for knee implant cases in central Illinois. If you were implanted with a Zimmer Persona knee replacement and have experienced adverse effects, contact our office to discuss what you should understand and how you can proceed.

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