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Attorney for Central Illinois Personal Injury

Whether because of a car accident, a defective product or simple carelessness, personal injury cases start well before litigation and suit are filed.

For this reason, personal injury victims need an experienced trial attorney. Litigation is full of pitfalls for those who do not regularly handle such cases. They begin early in a case while the injured person is still seeking medical advice and attention.

Each injury should be approached as if the case will have to be decided by a trial before a judge or jury. That requires a seasoned trial attorney who knows the process and does not fear to file suit and take it to trial.

Most insurance companies will deny responsibility. They will prepare well for their legal defense of the injury. Common insurance-company tactics include claiming that the injury is another's fault; that it is unrelated to the negligent acts of the wrongdoer; or that the injury either existed before the accident or was false and exaggerated.

The Law Office of Jeff Green ensures that an injured person's rights are protected. My team of experts and I will fight for full compensation for medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering.

We will educate you about the injury-litigation process. We will advise you of your rights. We will also inform you of the early pitfalls that can affect your case should the matter end up in a trial.

Please contact our office to learn more about personal injury litigation and evaluate your case.

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