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Attorney for Central Illinois Construction Accidents

Thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in construction-site accidents each year.

Construction companies are required to provide safety programs and inspect each site with safety engineers. Unfortunately, accidents still occur because of faulty safety. In these events, owners, architects, insurance companies and equipment manufacturers can all be held responsible.

When a worker is injured on a construction site, the worker is typically limited to collecting worker's comp benefits from the employer. They do not include compensation for pain and suffering. Workers also cannot sue their own employer for negligence.

However, the general contractor or property owner that hired the worker's employer may have done something to create a dangerous workplace. Other sub-contractors or their employees can be at fault as well. We focus much of our practice on these types of cases.

General contractors, property owners and subcontractors are mandated to provide a reasonably safe site with safe equipment; warn of hazards inherent in the site and work; hire careful employees; coordinate job safety; and supervise compliance with safety specifications.

When someone other than the worker's employer negligently creates a danger that leads to an injury, they can be sued for money damages separate from worker's comp benefits. This is important, especially for accidents that result in very serious and catastrophic personal injuries. Many times, worker's comp benefits will not adequately compensate a victim.

If a construction-site injury is caused by a dangerous or defective product or piece of equipment, a claim for money damages may also be made against its manufacturer or distributor. Construction-equipment manufacturers and distributors are responsible for providing and maintaining safe products.

The Law Office of Jeff Green offers expert knowledge and representation in central Illinois construction-accident cases. If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction accident, please contact me to learn more about workers' rights and evaluate your legal options.

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